What is Music ?

Music is combination of visuals and sounds. It is the form of art which is mixture of different types of musical sounds. There are many elements for making music such as rhythm, sounds layers etc. It is performed by various musical instruments with various vocal techniques etc. It is ragging from singing and rapping. There are many solely instruments pieces and these pieces are used for singing and rapping in tracks.

Music as Source of Entertainment: Entertainment is the art of attracting people about any topic and give them delight and happiness. It is the combination of activities which gives happiness and remove of people. There are many events which give happiness, joy and delight to people is known as entertaining events. Public feel bore from daily routine activities and at the end they come to stress. There are sources which cover by entertainment head, helps in removing stress. Various people make their career in this field. They perform various acts from which people feel entertains. Music is also source of entertainment. People listen various types of music such as Punjabi, Hindi, English and various types of rhythms. When people feel stress they listen music for removing stress. It is biggest source of entertainment.

Music as Source of Removing Stress Burden: When we do daily routine work, they have no time to go outside for changing environment. They feel bore and stress and feel empty life. So they prefer to listen music for enjoying their life. They feel relax by listening various types of music. Music has various sounds which makes our mind relax. When people feel alone they also can listen music for spending their time enjoy fully. Various music share feeling of people such as sad songs, love songs, wedding songs etc. music plays on various occasions.

Advantages of Music:-

  1. Improve visual Skills: – various studies show the result that music increases the visual skills of students and people. Past study results that people who learn music from one month, ability to learn various types of rhythms, music tunes also with their meanings. People who learn from 8 to 10 years they said that they learn more through visual training then the theatrical training. Any person who belongs to music family he has more learns ability to learn various types of music. They show more specialised experience because they grow with music classes.
  2. Keeps Brain Healthy: – Researchers shows that people who play, listen various musical instruments, have keep brain healthy. When we listen music it exercises our brain and increase brain memory in old age.People who suffer short memory diseases use to listen music for overcome this diseases. Variousmusic sounds helps the people for rememorizes old things and events. Because music sounds and rhythms easily fit in our mind and sit for long time.
  3. Makes happier: – Music has more power to influence behaviour of people. It can make us happy, sad, angry etc. Music has different type of effect which release happiness in our brain. It effects our emotions into happy, sad, cry etc. Listening music gives same type of happiness which we gets from various activities such as dance, eating, taking drugs etc. it has more key role in make and feel happy to people.
  4. Control Blood pressure: – Music has play key role in control the system of body also. It plays important role in recovering of patients who suffers from many heart diseases. Various men and women who listen music always feels relax and do not take any burden on their mind. If we listen music 30 min in a day then we take less blood pressure problem, low blood rates etc.
  5. Improve Sleepy Quality: – There is one thing which does not sleep well i.e. stress. Music is key for removing stress. Music always effect person in positive way. It motivate person in such a way that people feel well and happy. By listening song, stress of mind removes and we can sleep well.
  6. Reduce Pain: – It has capability for removing stress and heart diseases and various memory problems. There are many high and low sounds of music which make us relax and reduced our pain from body. So when we want relaxation from any pain then should prefer slow music.
  7. Reduce Depression: – It also has important role in removing depression from the mind of users. If any patient suffers from depression must listen music and feel burden less.
  8. Discipline: – It also teaches people to live in discipline. Because there many instructions which learner used to learn the rhythms of music. They take coaching from various professionals mentors and they also learn the quality of obey the elders.
  9. Hobby: – It is the hobby of various youngsters. They are usually listen songs when they are free. Teenagers who are school going mostly listen songs for recovering of mind from study.

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